Coming into his sophomore season on the WSL Men’s Championship Tour, Conner Coffin had a ton of momentum after a solid rookie year that saw him nearly win Rookie of the Year honors. But a January mishap at Backdoor Pipeline where he smashed his knee into the reef was not how he planned to kick off his second season in the big leagues.

Limping into the first event, Conner did well to even surf the event, and exceeded expectations Snapper Rocks with a 9th place finish despite the lingering injury. In West Oz, Conner thrived in the large, unruly conditions, and bagged yet another respectable 9th place finish. The wheels came off a bit at Bells where, despite dropping to 8+ point rides, he was eliminated in round two.

Now posted up in Fiji (rough life huh?) and sitting in the #15 spot in the WSL rankings, we caught up with Conner to get five takeaways from the Australian leg of the world tour…

1. Australians LOVE their rules on EVERYTHING!

2. Margaret River is all about wave selection, but when you get the right one it’s like Sunset!

3. John John Floreonce surfed really, really well.

4. Aussie girls are friendlier than American girls…

5. Four-foot, offshore, low tide bells bowl is fun as heck!

The next event on the 2017 Men's World Championship Tour is slated for Brazil where Conner will put his beach break skills on display for the most enthusiastic crowds in the world. Good luck Conner!