Brian Bielmann Surf Photography
A legend in the field, Brian Bielmann has been shooting surf photos since he was a teenager on the North Shore of Oahu. His work has spanned decades and includes such notable subjects as Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Alana Blanchard and more legends of the sport. We’re such fans of his work that he was the first photographer we contacted when launching LEUS, and his photography can also be found on two towels; the Infrared Palms and Breaking Glass.

Not only a world-class photographer, Brian is a great guy and always keen to help out and share wisdom and photo tips. Here are seven from the master himself…

1) Travel with a good crew that gets along and excels in the conditions you’re going to be surfing and shooting. Personality clashes can ruin a trip; I’ve seen it before!

2) Do your homework before you plan a trip and make sure you’re going at the right time of year and swell will be hitting the spots you’re going. You wouldn’t go shoot the North Shore in the summer, right?

3) Do your research as far as camera equipment—you don't want to be under gunned with too short of a lens or only have water equipment when it’s clearly a land hot spot.

4) Always carry cash. A lot of places still don’t take cards and sometimes you gotta grease the wheels if you know what I mean…

5) Back up everything on hard drives a minimum of two times.

6) For post production and getting your images out to clients or media, always have your internet connection figured beforehand. Getting your work out fast is critical for professional photographers.

7) Protect yourself from the sun, my LEUS towel is perfect for this!

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Brian Bielmann Breaking Glass Towel

Brian Bielmann Infrared Towel