LEUS is psyched to introduce its first signature towel with 3X World Champion and Hawaiian surfing royalty, Carissa Moore. Inspired by her love of the ocean and the simple joy of paddling out, Carissa kept it in the family and called in her sister’s talents to help her design her premiere piece.

“Most people see me in competition mode, so working with LEUS and expressing my creative side with the help of my sister was really special. She is such a talented artist and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We worked together on the concept and she really brought it to life—I hope people love it as much as I do!”

LEUS struck up its partnership with surfing’s young icon while on the North Shore last year after admiring her dedication and energy from afar. Dishing up advice for LEUS’ Active collection and her first signature towel between winning heats, getting married, and enjoying freesurf trips, Carissa was a perfect fit for the tribe.

There’s a reason everyone loves Carissa and we couldn’t wait to get her on the team. Not only is she one of the most impressive female surfer’s in the world, her sweet side, drive and insight into more women’s specific graphics makes her a dream to work with!

Awaiting heavy bronzing sessions all summer long, you can find “Sea Sister” now at in finer surf shops worldwide and HERE.