When we launched the Hurley Pro VIP sweepstakes back in August the last place we thought a winner would come from was Taiwan. But that’s just what happened! With entries pouring in from places near and far, when it came time to pick a winner we kept coming back to a fella named Jay Han. His English was a little broken, but we could tell that he would relish an opportunity to attend the Hurley Pro Trestles and receive the VIP treatment.

Jay turned out to be the coolest dude ever! A surfer and spear fisherman from the tropical island of Taiwan, Jay was based in San Diego all summer taking English classes and soaking up the SoCal lifestyle.

Jay and his pal made the trek up from San Diego and met us at (where else) Carl’s Jr. on a lay day Sunday. We all piled into Conner Coffin’s truck and parked where the athlete’s get to and made the short walk down the trail. Mick Fanning, John John Florence, and a handful of other pros were putting on a show and Jay was all smiles as he took it in. After catching a few waves himself we headed into San Clemente for lunch with Conner and a few cold ones.

“My first time at Lowers and a WSL contest was so nice! It was lot’s of fun having lunch and hanging out at the Hurley Pro with Conner Coffin,” said Jay after watching the Hurley Pro from the VIP tent the following day. “I am very appreciative of the LEUS team. I hope they can all come to Taiwan to surf with me—it is a wonderful island. Aloha!”

Photos by Steve Sherman/LEUS