We came to party with the addition of a new signature surf towel, Gus Gus, from Lucas Beaufort—the French visionary whose mischievous monsters illustrate a parallel world where creatures rule all.

“I was so happy to get involved on this project with LEUS and see my art on a totally different type of canvas,” said Beaufort. “I love to paint on all types of things. Trees, walls, people, clothes…there’s never a limit! To see this miniature world of characters on a towel is really cool, and I hope people enjoy bringing a piece of art with them wherever they travel to.”

Long inspired by the freedom of skateboarding, Lucas harnessed a quirky approach to his artistic endeavors early on, layering his unique characters over skate photographs and garnering attention through his solo shows and collaborations with iconic brands. Bringing his vision to LEUS in black and white, his easily identifiable funky hand-drawn figures pop in white stitching against a 100% cotton solid black backdrop on the original LEUS Surf Towel.

Watch the fun below! 

“When we saw Lucas’s designs, we immediately knew we had to make a towel with him” says the crew at Leus. “His characters are so fun and bright, and if you look super closely, you can almost imagine them raging around on this towel and causing some sort of chaos you want to get wrapped up in! This piece really signifies where we want to go with our artist series, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have Lucas in the LEUS tribe.”