Teaming up with the most storied publication in surfing’s history, we are stoked to release our newest signature towel in collaboration with SURFER magazine.

See the towel here

“This towel shows a bit of the evolution of the look and feel of SURFER magazine over the years and it’s great to be able to take a little piece of that rich history with you every time you go for a surf,” says Todd Prodonovich, Editor of Surfer Magazine.

The most influential surf magazine in surfing has to be SURFER, and there seems to be something about the magazine’s look and impact that inspired everyone on our team at one point. SURFER was coined the bible of the sport for its in-depth look at surf culture since 1960, and we’re honored to pair with the publication to make something fun that shows that history.

Watch the full interview with SURFER Magazine's very own Todd Prodanovich, Editor and Grant Ellis, Photo Editor, as they talk story about the history of SURFER, John Severson's mustache and other fun tales.


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