And they're back! Word is that the trio of Conner and Parker along with their pal Ryan Perry are going to be pumping out more and more videos under the Young Wise Tails banner.

You remember the Young Wise Tails, right? Years ago they made videos with lot's of farting, eating, and surfing. Now that the boys have grown up there's a bit less farting, they've refined their palates, and they shred harder than ever.

Have a look below and join the fun!


Episode 5 above: Conner Coffin and Parker Coffin continue to enjoy the powerful surf of the North Shore Hawaii. In between surfs Conner demonstrates how to make Hawaiian style teriyaki chicken on the Traeger.

Episode 4 takes us back to the North Shore of Oahu where Parker states, "It's not really Pipeline-ing" which leads us to question of that's really a word. Hint: It's not. 

Episode 3 (above) features picture perfect Rincon and Parker (struggling) to paint his board

Episode 2 (above) took us on a quick strike to the North Shore of Oahu.

Episode 1 aka the relaunch gives us an inside look at the Coffin bros at home in Santa Barbara