And they're back! Word is that the trio of Conner and Parker along with their pal Ryan Perry are going to be pumping out more and more videos under the Young Wise Tails banner.

You remember the Young Wise Tails, right? Years ago they made videos with lot's of farting, eating, and surfing. Now that the boys have grown up there's a bit less farting, they've refined their palates, and they shred harder than ever.

Have a look below and join the fun!


Episode 15: World Championship Tour. After an epic surf at Keramas, Conner partakes in a beach clean up and competes in round one of the event.


Episode 14: Conner Coffin takes on the "50 Year Storm" at Bells Beach and jams with the legendary Tom Curren!

 Episode 13: We're down here at Bells Beach for the Rip Curl Pro, the second stop of the WSL Championship tour. Check out the behind the scenes action from Round 1 of the contest and some lay day activities which include a quick CPR lesson. If you don't know CPR get out there and get certified so that you are comfortable if the shit hits the fan! The contest should run the next few days so look for more action next week from Bells!

Episode 12: Conner heads down to Torquay for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, stop two of the 2019 WSL World Championship Tour. After some fun sessions at the Bells Bowl, Conner heads down the coast and takes us for a tour inside Ripcurl International Headquarters.

Episode 11: Behind the scenes at the season opening Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast where Conner stormed his way to a 5th place finish!


Episode 10: Conner gets down to the gold coast of Australia for the first stop of the 2019 WSL championship tour. The waves were pretty small, but he got a few surfs around, some advice from Mick, and then hit the WSL awards banquet.
Video: Ryan Perry


Episode 9. Both of the boys were finally home for the 2019 Surf Happens Rincon classic which was in memory of Chris Brown. The waves were absolutely firing and the contest was held in the cove for the first time ever! Unfortunately parker had been sick for a week but was able to surf 2 heats and Conner won the Rincon Brewery Pro Division. It was a great community weekend and Brownie was with us in Spirit! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to put on an amazing weekend! Filmed by Sean Lesh
Edited by Ryan Perry

Episode 8: Conner and Parker Coffin Head down to the Central Coast of Australia to spend a few days surfing and training at the Micro Surf Academy and hang with Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Brisa Hennessy, and Sally Fitzgibbons!!

Episode 7 above: Conner Coffin and Parker Coffin jet over to Australia's Gold Coast. Watch as they score pumping Kirra and link up with Matt Wilkinson for dinner at his new restaurant


Episode 6 above: Parker and Conner Coffin hit their local coffee shop for a pre surf psych. Then pack up their quiver of Cannel Islands Surfboards as they prepare to head to Australia.


Episode 5 above: Conner Coffin and Parker Coffin continue to enjoy the powerful surf of the North Shore Hawaii. In between surfs Conner demonstrates how to make Hawaiian style teriyaki chicken on the Traeger.

Episode 4 takes us back to the North Shore of Oahu where Parker states, "It's not really Pipeline-ing" which leads us to question of that's really a word. Hint: It's not. 

Episode 3 (above) features picture perfect Rincon and Parker (struggling) to paint his board

Episode 2 (above) took us on a quick strike to the North Shore of Oahu.

Episode 1 aka the relaunch gives us an inside look at the Coffin bros at home in Santa Barbara