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Sky Brown is one of the most progressive athletes on the planet and her skills back that up and some. She’s an Olympic skateboarder, a highly ranked pro surfer, a TikTok creator, an ambassador of stoke, and an inspiration to millions of kids and adults who love her not only because she rips, but ‘cause she does it all with a big heart and smile. Her limited-edition LEUS collection was designed to reflect her bright, colorful personality and impeccable style.

lets leus with sky brown

Born and Raised? Miyazaki, South Japan.

What led you to skateboarding? It’s always been my favorite Toy, I love to surf and it feels a lot like surfing.

Guilty pleasure? I love ramen and açaí and chocolate.

Pet peeve? Sandy socks when I skate.

Favorite place in the world to lay your towel? Hawaii

Words of wisdom? Never give up on your dreams there are no limits.